African Resourceful Leaders Foundation (ARLFoundation) is a registered non-governmental organization that focuses on implementing relevant mobilization and empowerment programs that ensures the active participation of young people in effecting sustainable development in their community and Africa at large. Our focus area includes Education, Leadership Development, Democracy and Good Governance. It was registered on March 25, 2011 with CAC/IT/No 44016.

Over the years we have actively participated in issues of human rights and youth representation at the national level in youth leadership and good governance. Since inception, ARLFoundation has reached thousands of youths through its different programs, workshop forum, video, radio and television broadcasts, as well as online activities.

We are blessed with skilled personnel in the area of project management which include initiation and execution; also our IT consultant is vast personnel in the area of web applications and deployment.

Our Mission is to educate, connect and empower youth through active engagement with research and development.