The national assembly is set to pass a Bill for the regulations of the activities of Non Governmental Organisations in Nigeria.

The Bill was sponsored by a member of the House of Representatives from Kogi State.

The Bill amongst other seek that after completing corporate affairs commission registration, NGO must register with the yet to be approved commission which the proposed Bill seek to create and must sought the approval of the commission before embarking on any project. In effect, this means no single project can be implemented without an approval from the commission.

Having realise the consequence of the implications of the Bill, the Network of Nigeria NGO (NNNGO) in collaboration with Innercity Mission for Children organized a stakeholders National Dialogue on the NGO Regulatory Bill (HB585) to discuss the issues arising from its consequence if passed into law.

A total number of one hundred and twenty (120) participants from across the 36 states were in attendance including the FCT to dialogue and chart a common cause for the non profit sector.

It was unanimously agreed that the Bill, if allowed to scale through and passed into law, would not only frustrate the activities of NGOs but also kill the sector.
Some of the threats posed by this proposed bill are highlighted as the following:

— It will restrict and cut short the voice of advocacy and subject the civic space to the dictate of incumbent government.

— It will incarcerate the civil society practitioners towards being responsive to act of autocratic governance.

— It will restrict, constraint and control the work of practitioners in the civic space.

The Bill is a monster that has the capacity of hindering the complementing efforts from civil society towards the development of the nation and reduction of social vices.

The stakeholders also charge the practitioners in the civic space to be responsible and accountable. Also to be compliant with the existing regulations.

African Resourceful Leaders Foundation (ARLFoundation) was represented at the National Dialogue by Mr. Jamiu Akangbe.

The official communique will be put up once it’s sent by the committee.


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