Observation has proved that for us to have a more re-assuring future as a society in particular and a nation in general, due attention has to be paid to the representative of the future, most especially the secondary school student. It is believed that the mind of an average teenager is still fertile and therefore suitable for the cultivation of “new crops”.
Research has revealed that many student do not prepare for the exams believing that the question will be difficult and as such will engage in examination malpractice without understanding the consequence or not even being conscious of the act of exam malpractice.

Records have also proved that only 25% of those writing O’level exams annually are able to scale through, due to many involving in examination malpractices resulting to cancellation and or not releasing result of some examination centers.

It is also on records that the teachers are not competent and the student hardly read these days which has contributed to the dilapidated state of education. This made the Lagos State Government through her Former Deputy Governor devise other means to help the student out when she said “the steps became necessary because of dwindling performance of the students in all major final examinations, like WAEC and NECO” pg 10 of Daily Independent of 16th June 2011.

Pre-Exam Seminar is a specialized programme for Secondary School Students, especially those at the senior level preparing for major examinations like WAEC, NECO, GCE, etc. The seminar is designed to augment the efforts of teachers and propel students ‘Towards Academic Excellence’. The seminar addresses three major topics which are (a) Learning Skills (b) Managing Exam Tension, and (c) Leadership.

The first edition was held between October 2011 and February 2012.