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ARLFoundation Edu-Project 2018 is a continuation of our Free Students Training and Book Donation program for students of public senior secondary schools starting with Lagos.

The initiative has enjoyed both in 2017 and 2018, the endorsement of the Lagos State Ministry of Education and supervision of the Education District II. As part of our commitment to the sustainable development goals (SDGs), we are donating copies of the book, “Success Equation” to each of the ten (10) schools’ library selected for the project.

The primary aim is to get more students involved in active learning and encourage the use of library through the donation a well researched self-help book like Success Equation. The project is being put together in partnership with Y.E Training ( Y.E Company) and EAphotoMedia with the support of highly professional individuals working with us as volunteer facilitators to train the students.

For the 2018 edition of ARLFoundation Edu-Project (i.e. Free Students Training & Book Donation) was approved to run from March 12th to 16th, 2018.

And here are the list of the ten (10) schools selected as beneficiaries:

1. Agbede Community Senior Secondary School, Agbede Meeting, Ikorodu.

2. Maya Senior Grammar School, Maya Adamo, Ikorodu.

3. Odogunyan Senior Grammar School, Odogunyan, Ikorodu.

4. Zumuratul Islamiyyah Senior Grammar School, Igbogbo, Ikorodu.

5. Imota Community Senior Grammar School, Imota, Ikorodu.

6. Ikosi Senior High School, Ikosi Road, Ketu.

7. Community Senior High School, Alapere, Ketu.

8. Muslim Senior College, Oworonshoki.

9. Somolu Senior High School, Igbobi.

10. Lanre Awolokun High School, Gbagada.

Feel free to share our page contents and as well join the ARLFoundation Edu-Project 2018 conversation online by using or following the hashtags: #ARLFoundation #EduProject2018 #SuccessEquation .

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As part of our ongoing _FREE STUDENTS TRAINING & BOOK DONATION Project_ as approved by the Lagos State Ministry of Education, the two schools we visited today are located at two extreme borders of Ikorodu community. The first school visited was Zumuratul Islamiyyah Senior Grammar School at Igbogbo for the morning training session, and other being Odogunyan Senior Grammar School at Odogunyan for afternoon training session.
Approximately, we had about 1000 population of students reached today which is a double of the two schools from yesterday. Indeed, it was a tough call trying to cordinate such a huge population of energetic and vibrant young people, but with the number of volunteer facilitators who showed up to support us, we were able to split into small groups and achieve greater impact with today’s training programme.
The genuine support and dedication of all our volunteers as well  as the cooperation of the principals of all the four schools visited so far is worthy of mention. Considering the feedbacks and responses of the students and teachers, we can, without any iota of doubt, say that the free students training and book donation project is achieving its primary purpose of empowering these young minds to increase their yearning for excellence.
A big THANK YOU these awesome individuals who served with us today:
* Abisola Olaleye
* Dada Oluwaseun
* Akinwale Omotola
* Saidat Kerekereekun-Salman
* Rabiu Fatimah
* Jimoh Abiola
* Aminat Adeosun
* Coach Yusuf Owolabi
|| ARLFoundation Team ||
* Jamiu Akangbe
* Ebenezer Akinrinade
In summary, today’s outing turned out to be a productive one. We have six (6) more schools to cover in the next three days. Keep up to date with us by following all our social media handles and joining the conversation online via our official hashtags:
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Insta — @arlfoundation
Tweet — @ARLFoundation
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|| Photo Report ||
Watch out for pictures update on ARLFoundation Facebook page at http://fb.com/ARLFoundationNGO
From all of us at ARLFoundation, we say THANK YOU!

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About the Project

Our Mission:  To donate self help educational book (Success Equation) to public school libraries and also train the senior class students on “Craving for Academic Excellence”.

As part of our ongoing efforts to reach more schools, the Lagos State Ministry of Education has yet again granted ARLFoundation an approval to reach additional ten (10) public secondary schools for this year’s edition of the Free Students Training and Book Donation Project scheduled to from Monday 12th — Friday 16th, March 2018.

Our Vision:   To have success equation in all public secondary school in Nigeria.

Our Focal Point       Learning Skills

Reading Culture

About the Book (Success Equation):

We have come to realize that in most students is an instinct for academic and career success, but the inability to get their focus and priorities right has been a major hindrance for them to reach their desired pinnacle of success. Hence, Success Equation is a self-help book that provides a step-by-step guidance to help students identify their individual learning challenges and as well proffer practical solutions on how to transit from poor or average academic performance towards achieving academic excellence.

Aside other regular academic books, Success Equation is written to inspire students not only to crave for success but put them through how they can achieve it with determination and hard-work. The book is an easy read, inspiring, informative and engaging.

Author: Ezekiel Akinrinade

Foreword by: Dr. (Mrs.) Adetoun G. Emiola, Lecturer at the University of Lagos

The Objective of the Training:

  • To open the mind of every school students to the importance education
  • To help students develop strong learning culture and crave for outstanding success
  • To educate students on effective learning strategies
  • To inspire an improved academic performance, built around qualitative learning, in schools

Training Session

Main Session                    15mins

Interactive Session            15mins

Question and Answer        15mins

Book Presentation             5mins

Time Table


Day Date 1st School 2nd School
9 – 10 am 12 noon – 1 pm
Monday 12/3/2018 Agbede Senior Secondary School Maya Community Senior Grammar School
Tuesday 13/3/2018 Odogunyan Senior Grammar School Zumuratul Islamiyyah Senior Grammar School
Wednesday 14/3/2018 Imota Community Senior Grammar School Ikosi Senior High School, Ikosi
Thursday 15/3/2018 Community Senior High School, Alapere Muslim Senior College, Oworonshoki
Friday 16/3/2018 Somolu Senior High School, Moroco Road, Igbobi Lanre Awolokun High School, Gbagada

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Year: May 2017

Description: To donate educational book (Success Equation) to public school libraries and also to train the senior class students on “Craving for Academic Excellence”

Achievement: A total number of 3,298 students and 150 Teacher benefited from the training organized in 10 schools within Education District II, across the 3 zones namely, Ikorodu, Kosofe and Somolu.

Impact: 85% of the students commit to using the library and reading other personal development book other than academics while improving on their performance in academics towards their career goal.

Click this link Report

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Project Title: Movie Screening, He named Me Malala


Year: May 2016


Sponsor/Partner: YouthHub Africa


Description: The society has made the girl child believe that they are just means for men’s pleasure and as such all girls’ ends in the kitchen and bedroom. But against this backdrop and believe system, using the movie He named Me Malala, we lunch a community awareness campaign that the female child has a right to education as the male and they are instrument to community and economic growth.


Achievement: A total number 150 students drawn from 7 schools within Agege Community were engage with the documentary video “He Named Me Malala” to change their orientation that female child does have contributing capacity to the economic growth of a nation.


Impact: 5 schools out of the 7 invited schools have conducted a step down engagement on the documentary video for other female children in their school to further encourage them to focus on education in whatever form it comes.

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1. China produces 36.3% of the total world tobacco production.

2. Every ten (10) seconds, another person dies as a result off tobacco use.

3. Tobacco products are estimated to have caused three million deaths worldwide in the early 1990’s

4. Death toll is increasing and if not addressed , by the year 2020, the number of tobacco related deaths would be as high as ten (10) million deaths per year, with over 70% of this number occurring in developing countries

5. 50% of regular smokers who begin smoking during adolescence will eventually be killed by tobacco.

6. Every cigarette smoked, takes seven (7) minutes off ones life.

7. Smoking is responsible for 90% of lung cancers, 75% of chronic bronchitis and emphysema and 25% of heart diseases

8. In Ghana, about 4200 hectares of land, forming .06% of agricultural land is dedicated to tobacco production.

9. 2500 metric tonnes of tobacco is produced annually in Ghana

10. The tobacco industry employs about 1,121 people in Ghana

11. 35million cigarettes are imported annually none exported.

12. Average cigarette consumption per person is 161 in Ghana

13. 16% of adults and 16.8% of the youth smoke in Ghana

14. Tobacco companies in Ghana pay huge taxes which serves as a source of income for the country.

With the above facts , Ghana stand to lose a lot if tobacco is officially legalised in Ghana.


Emmanuel Amarh Ashitey

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